Human skin has many variations than any other single mammalian species.
The most important substance determining dark skin colour is the pigment, Melanin, produced by Melanocytes. The light skin colour is determined mainly by the bluish-white connective tissue under the dermis and by the hemoglobin circulating in the veins of the dermis.
Even though it is said that beauty should not be measured by external skin colour and tone, it is one of the biggest and, may be secret also, wishes for everybody to be fair, and fairer.
If you are naturally born with a darker skin, the normal remedies can give you back only the colour you are born with..
So to get a lighter tone than your original colour, you need experts with latest technologies in the field of skin treatments.
Everybody knows that The beauty doesn’t lie in the colour of the skin. But it is in the health, tone and glow of the skin . So if you want a magical improvement and attractiveness in the look, you have to get the best medicines and processes along with the proper care of the skin..
Some factors leading to darker skin, are listed below….
Over exposure to sun :
Ultraviolet rays from sun increases the production of melanin, leading to a darker and tanned skin.
Over use of chemical Agents:
Over use of chemicals and cosmetics on skin for any purpose lead to more skin darkening.
Side effects of Some medications:
Many medicines like steroids and O.C pills will lead to darkness of the skin. Hormonal Changes, Some diseases, Aging, Improper Nutrition, Dehydration, Carelessness in protection, Stress and insomnia etc. also can lead to pigmented and dull skin.
Some General Factors to get a lighter skin…
Avoid sun exposure, put sunscreen and try to cover up or wear a cap.
Give proper protection, hydration and nutrition.
Proper cleaning and cleansing for maintaining hygiene. Stay away from chemicals and harsh cosmetics.
Sleep and Water are the simple treatments for perfect skin.

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