Under Eye Dark Circles
Banish Those Dark Circles – Look Fresh And Young
For many people, dark circles under the eyes are treated with raw vegetables or covered up with concealer or treated with random home ayurvedic remedies. But for some, the shadows circle below the eyes can become quite dark and the puffiness becomes so apparent that more permanent solutions are often ecessary. Once you have determined that customary treatments will never reduce the bags under your eyes it may be time to get them treated by undergoing Dark Circle Surgery/Treatment. There are Too Much Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco and Less Sleep is A Common Cause Of Dark Circles, Eye Puffiness And Bags. We Have Many Procedures to Remove Dark Circles. People whose dark circles are caused by hyper pigmentation can use simple treatment such as bleaching creams while others must resort to painful laser or grafting procedures.
What Causes Dark Under-Eye Circles
Dark circles, or bags under your eyes, have many causes.
These include:
  • Increased melanin (also called hyperpigmentation)
  • Fat loss beneath the eye
  • Broken blood vessels
Apart from the above, a stressful and hectic party lifestyle — too much caffeine, alcohol and tobacco and too little sleep — is a common cause of dark circles, eye puffiness and bags.
Dark Circles Reduction Treatment
We at Dr. Challa's office apply a special skin peel. It is a medium peel and needs to be applied for about eight hours in totality. After about an hour in doctor observation, you will be given the cream to apply at home to maintain the results. Our cosmetologist may also recommend microdermabrasion, IPL or laser treatment along with peels, if required depending of the severity of your condition. Contact Dr. Challa's office to find out more about UnderEyes Dark Circle Removal.
How long does Dark Circles Reduction Treatment?

Dark Circles Reduction Treatment takes around one hour.
Is Dark Circles Reduction Treatment safe?
It is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that is perfectly safe. Dr. Challa will keep you under observation to minimise the risk of any significant skin reaction.
Is the Dark Circles Reduction Treatment permanent?
The Positive Result will be easily apparent to you. Aging and atmospheric damage is an ongoing process. So you need to take proper skin care and medication as may be prescribed by Dr. Challa for long lasting results.